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21 Nov 2017


Consumers with various computing devices that are connected as well as personal computers are no longer a luxury aspect of contemporaries. Businesses and consumers are seeking diverse new value from products or services in these days as technologies are evolving year over year. Today's world is virtually all connected to each other in a nick of time thanks to the vast telecommunication infrastructure and its business models. (There are many countries which still are not fully developed in terms of social infrastructure in telecommunications.)

Marketing in China

As consumers are mostly connected with immense social network, marketers are facing both crisis and opportunities at the same time - some of them may feel such diversification as risk while the others might embrace it as opportunities never coming again. It is imperative to identify the content and context that modern consumers want as technology being disrupted every day without boarder limitation in global market.

Enterprises are having harder time to best adapt to rapidly changing today's consumer needs and marketers and sales professionals are exposed to reluctant requirements to compete with one another in their industries. There is no golden-mix or absolution for traditional marketing strategy but constantly changing tactics are only hope to it. Global leading enterprises may practice multi-national, globalization or glocalization (Globalization + Localization) strategy while utilizing economies of scale, however small and medium businesses (SMBs) experience varied difficulties in tactical marketing activities depending upon the industries.

Industry subject matter expert (SME) are only good for specific area of expertise and marketing as a function is forced to introduce new, creative and up-to-date method of engraving images of their products and services. We all are aware of the fact that marketers are challenged more and more for creative approaches towards smart consumers.

Recent trend in marketing industry have been viewed as warring states and a new service offering called Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) has risen as a fashion. This Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) follows diverse outsourcing trends such as ITO, BPO, HRO, and some more while requires a good-mix of creative professionals and logical thinkers to best serve groups of startups and SMBs as well as multi-national corporates that haven't found it useful yet.

This trend of MPOs is drivers of growth for many corporates and outsourcing offerings have been based on success of global IT outsourcing practices. In today's MPO has become a vital component of many businesses' management & operational strategies in a multitude of sectors ranging from agriculture, banking, education, financial services and insurance to real estate, pharmaceuticals and consulting. Traditionally marketing has never been agreed to or accepted for as third party support services. However, with the rise of digital technologies, competition, market forces and the effectiveness of ROI analytics, industry has become more receptive and welcoming to the practice.

With the fast pace contemporary enterprises are advancing, one of the main possessions a business can have are time, quality and cost-effectiveness in terms of ROI. These 3 elements can be achieved by outsourcing marketing process and perspectives of outside specialist with the integration of an in-house team. Meeting a right business partner for outsourcing who can turn strategy into a practice is very critical – while the business may focus on their core business when outsourcing business partner delivers the expertise for complete marketing process – as a seasoned marketing program that is practical and affordable.

Advantages from MPOs may be specified as:

  • Improved focus by putting one’s energy into the organization’s core competencies
  • Reduced overhead without adding office space, computers or supplies
  • Real integration and a consistent look, feel and tone across the messaging
  • No bias, because marketing strategy and plans should be based on the organization’s unique needs—not driven by marketing agency’s specific expertise
  • An integrated, tried and tested team of specialists, often at a lower cost than adding a full-time position in-house
  • Responsible results from a team that’s ready to hit the ground running


MPOs are not an alternative to marketing teams anymore and individuals are collaborators that help and further develop businesses. An MPO business partner can help absorb business processes while localizing strategies and messages. The capabilities and expertise of MPO service provider is to remain supportive of the CMO’s initiatives in creating enterprise level strategies and help coordinate the tactics. A right MPO partner shall support CMO to focus on core business, accelerate growth and reduce overhead costs.

Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) is not as option, but will be a future for business model.



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